Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crucifixus now on DVD

by Stefan Attard

postercrucifixuslowAs April days proceed, the Holy Week gets closer and so the greatest of feasts that is Easter.

All Christians believe and adopt various measures for recollection and many abjure from simple things in order to get closer to their inner self and revert to God; to guide their paths.

Whichever type of penance one reverts to, the Lenten pieces will surely sustain the individual in his search for God, for the good, for the light of life. Undoubtedly, one can easily say that the most beautiful sacred pieces are those suitable for the Lenten period. In fact the most renowned composers, being these Christians or not, wrote the most striking Lenten pieces.

Schola Cantorum Jubilate, since its very beginning, had always given importance to this liturgical period and had performed various concerts during Lent.  Some are recorded and those interested can get copies.

The DVD – ‘Crucifixus’  is now available. These include pieces like Allegri’s ‘Miserere’, by Palestrina, Bach, Bartolucci, Stainer and Portelli. Soloists Marouska  Attard and Albert Buttigieg interpreted pieces by Bach and  Klughardt respectively.  The dvd includes also reflections on the passion of Christ written by Fr. Joseph Bajada  and read by actor Mario Micallef and Joyce Curmi. This DVD was professionally recorded by ProStudio and filmed/edited by CVC Media.

Anyone interested in getting a copy of these is asked to contact the Administration on

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