Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Giving a look to the past on the Anniversary

by Silvana Sultana

Yes, happy anniversary for fourteen years together.

scj 14th anniversary

In fact the official launching of Schola Cantorum Jubilate happened on Sunday 20th August 2000 at the Basilica of Maria Bambina in Xagħra, Gozo.

In the beginning it was a small group of teenagers who started meeting together to learn music and new pieces. The first sector explored was that sacred and mostly, compositions from the Taize’ community. From the very beginning, the group was divided in four sections or better in SATB. There prevailed the sense of satisfaction on realising that with a joint effort, written music can get expressed and given life.

From that day onwards, things have changed… but it is the course of life! Thanks to the Director Marouska Attard and the choir leader Stefan Attard, the repertoire expanded considerably spanning from Medieval to Renaissance, Baroque and even contemporary music. The choir went through different experiences and though it kept animating the 11am Sunday Mass at Xagħra Basilica with a cappella pieces, there were opportunities where it was accompanied by professional musicians amongst which the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Along the years, some members quitted while others joined the choir. The reasons are various - some got married and their responsibilities have increased, others went to live and work abroad – however memories remain. Most are still in contact with the rest of the members and attend for concerts or else social gatherings which are held quite frequently! Every year, new choristers join as well and so the SCJ family gets larger.

Fourteen years of SCJ story which saw teenagers growing up and getting various positions in society but still doing their utmost to continue their musical venture.  Fourteen years where a musical education was the objective and which reached thousands of people whom SCJ encountered both locally and abroad. Fourteen years which augur for more years to come and in bringing more engravings in one’s heart and mind.

Schola Cantorum Jubilate – Sing choir, joyfully!

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