Saturday, 23 August 2014

Discovering hidden voices

by Stefan Attard

flyer dicovering new voicesSchola Cantorum Jubilate is taking a new initiative in order to provide a good choral education together with a good basis in theory and vocal technique. A course for beginners is in the pipeline and those interested do not necessarily need to have a musical background. Marouska Attard, director of Schola Cantorum Jubilate will conduct these sessions in Gozo.

Youths and adults of ages between 13 and 45 who are interested in acquiring a sound musical education, can apply. Individual attention will be given to the new comers who will first have sessions focusing on theory, sight singing and vocal technique. At a later stage, they may join Schola Cantorum Jubilate for further musical ventures together.

Presently the choir consists of around thirty members who come from different sectors but who all share the same passion for music. Attending for rehearsals and taking part in concerts entail a constant musical education which enriches one’s culture apart from the health benefits singing is associated with. Moreover, this Schola Cantorum provides a special setting which leads to valuable social meetings with a sense of collegiality and familiarity.

Experiences and adventures are too much to list here and are not limited to local ones only. In fact the choir was abroad on four different occasions. Each trip abroad offered a unique   oppotunity to perform in international prestigious venues and to meet internationally acclaimed professionals.

So if singing is one of your dreams, contact us for any queries, further information or to apply. We invite you to send us an email on . Find us also on our facebook page.

Contact us by: Tuesday 16th September 2014

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