7th September Commemoration 7th September Commemoration 7th September Commemoration 7th September Commemoration

One can almost say, that it now got into tradition that Schola Cantorum Jubilate animates the ‘Te Deum’ High Mass in the morning preceeding the village feast.

This year’s High Mass started at 8.30am at the Basilica of Xagħra and was officiated by Mgr. Arc. Carmelo Refalo. The congregation was led by Hon. Minister for Gozo, Dr. Anton Refalo and the Xagħra Mayor Mr. Joe Cordina together with other distinguished people.

The choir performed the ‘Missa Cantate Domino’ (Oltrasi) together with the hymn ‘Tfajla Ħelwa tal-Vitorja’ (Portelli) and the ‘Magnificat’ (Portelli). During the offerings, Director and Soprano Marouska Attard interpreted Portelli’s ‘Is-Sliema’. After the communion, the choir together with the Basilica’s Chapter and Clergy interpreted the ‘Te Deum’ (D’Amato).

Right after the mass, the Xagħra Historical Re-enactment Organisation, held their annual activity at Victory Square in commemoration of the Great Sieges of Malta. This year, happens to be also the 200th anniverary of when the plague hit the village. A representation in commemoration of this tragical chapter in the history of Xagħra took place in front of an assembly of distinguished people, locals and tourists. Sylvana Cini and Stanley J. Portelli represented Schola Cantorum Jubilate.

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