Sunday, 14 December 2014

Gaudete Sunday at Nadur Parish Church

by Stefan Attard

smallOn the 3rd Sunday of Advent better known as the Gaudete Sunday, SCJ members were invited by Fr. Joseph Curmi the vice-Parish Priest of Nadur to anmate the 10.30am Mass.

All singers were prepared to perform suitable hyms for today’s liturgy such as the mediaval ‘Gaudete’, ‘O Come O Come Emanuel’, ‘Garbriel’s message’ and ‘Wait for the Lord’. All pieces were performed a cappella, and were directed by the choir’s conductor Marouska Attard. Stanley Portelli led the congregation by singing the Psalm while Jamie Buttigieg accampanied him on the church organ. The mass was officiated by Fr. Joseph Curmi who was wearing today’s proper rose vestments to emphasise the joy that Christmas is near.

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