Tour to France

Chevaigné, Rennes and Mont Saint Michel

22nd to 26th of June 2012
Saturday 22nd June - Leaving Gozo to France

Excitement was at its best. Choir members were about to leave the island at around five in the morning and enthusiasm kept at most of the members from sleeping. The Air Malta flight left Malta International Airport at 8.15 a.m. and the choir arrived in Paris at around eleven. Georges Mailhos, one of the organisers, welcomed the choir at the airport and all the members were off on their way to Chevaigné. It lasted for approximately five hours. The choir members arrived at Chevaigné and were greatly welcomed by the French residents. Around twenty men and women danced to the song ‘Basto Again and Again’ together with their choreographer Jean Pierre in order to welcome the choir. It was such a warm welcome. The residents’ hospitality was beyond all expectations and everyone was feeling at great ease and wearing a huge smile on their faces. After settling in and unpacking, everyone dined together in the Town Hall, accompanied with some good music.

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