Tour to France

Chevaigné, Rennes and Mont Saint Michel

22nd to 26th of June 2012
Saturday 23rd June - Concert at Rennes Cathedral

Summer Night_s Bonfire

Following a wonderful breakfast served with hot croissants, the choir members met at 9 a.m. for the Team Rally. The French had organised a very interesting activity for the Maltese members of the choir as well as for a group of Italians. Everyone was divided into groups of nine which was made up of three French, three Italians and three Maltese. Each group was given a map and a number of questions to answer along the walk round Chevaigné. Such an activity was of great interest to the choir members as it helped them to become more aware of the French lifestyle and they were also becoming conscious of their surroundings. The gardens full of coloured flowers round each house were outstanding and they added to the beauty and serenity of the place. The choir members were asked to follow a number of activities, including traditional games and basketball playing. In the final activity, the choir members were shown round the Canal and had the opportunity to cycle or walk around. At around noon, everyone gathered round for Breton’s Aperitive Drinks followed by a lovely French meal. At 3.15 p.m., the choir was on its way to Rennes where it was expected to hold a concert in the prestigious Cathedral in this city. The concert of sacred polyphony included pieces by Palestrina, Tallis, Bartolucci and Caruana. Schola Cantorum Jubilate was praised highly by all those present and cheered as soon as it approached the main door out of the Cathedral. In the evening, the group was back to Chevaigné by bus and later went to Scierie, near the Canal. A European Show was going on while the members from Schola Cantorum Jubilate together with the French and the Italian groups were helping themselves to some galettes and mouth-watering crepes. ‘From Big Bang to Big Band’ was an original musical comedy which lasted for almost an hour and entertained all the people who were present near the Canal. There was also the annual Mid-Summer Night’s Bonfire down near the Canal, which lighted the whole area and left all the viewers looking till the very last minute. This is an annual tradition held on the feast of St. Jean (John). The French prepared a good number of songs to which people danced and continued enjoying and amusing themselves.

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