Tour to Austria

Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Melk and Göttweig

10th to 17th September 2009
Saturday 12th September - Magnificent Salzburg

From Linz train station, the Maltese group took the train at 8.32am and arrived in Salzburg at 9.55am. From Salzburg bus terminus, they got the bus which took them to Schloss Hellbrunn. This was the summer residence of Archbishop of Salzburg Markus Sitticus (1574-1619). The group visited the palace and its magnificent trick fountains around the garden. Everyone remained impressed by the geniality of the workmen who worked such sculptures and mechanics considering the limitations of their times. Before leaving Hellbrunn, the choristers gathered near the Sound of Music Pavillion and sang ‘A Medley from Sound of Music' arranged by the Schola Cantorum's composer Paul Portelli. After this experience, the group had some free time to wonder in the narrow streets of the centre of Salzburg. They visited the Mozart Geburtshaus, the Cathedral of Salzburg, the Christmas and Easter shops, the Mozart (sweet) Shops, the surrounding churches, the river Salza and the typical open markets. Some even visited the Hohen Salzburg (a fortress) and the nearby cemetery with some artistic designs in ferrobattuto. The area imposed scenes from the film ‘Sound of Music'. At around 5pm, the group walked together in the direction of Mirabelle Gardens where again the scenes from ‘Sound of Music' recurred in mind. The gardens are very well kept and colorful flowers and their fragrances filled the air. Here the choristers performed some pieces a cappella and Philip Attard performed on the saxophone. The tourists there, together with some residents appreciated the singing. The group returned to Linz with the 21.32 train.

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