Tour to Italy

Venezia and Padova

30th October to 4th November 2015
Friday 30th October 2015 – Departure to Venice

The group of SCJ with relatives and friends heading to Venice, met at the Gozo Terminal at 10am from where the adventure started. The Alitalia flight with the group of 40 Maltese citizens left at 14.05 to Rome. At Fumicino, the group had the chance to taste a mouth watering ice cream from Venchi and then left for Venice on another flight at 17.35.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was the arrival at Marco Polo Airport and the walk towards the water taxi stands. Those who were visiting Venice for the first time, started realising that all transport needed as from the airport was on boat.

Four private water taxis were waiting for the group and transported them to Ca D’Oro, the water bus stop near the Hotel al Vagon which served as their base for the following days.

On the first night, the group had dinner in various restaurants near the hotel and later went for a stroll towards Piazza San Marco.

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