Tour to Italy

Venezia and Padova

30th October to 4th November 2015
Tuesday 3rd November 2015 – La Fenice and La Pieta’

The first appointment for the day was at La Fenice Theatre. The group had a guided tour around the theatre with the opportunity to visit the platea, the balconies, the loggione and above all the Duke’s Box. The group visited also a special exhibition held within the theatre in commemoration of Maria Callas.

The sensation on visiting such sites is surely one which takes you back in time where chariots (or boats as in this case) were used to carry noblemen who had the opportunity to attend for Theatre shows. However, La Fenice is one of the most famous and renowned theatres. As the name implies, La Fenice ‘raised from the ashes’ for three times due to fire accidents in 1774, 1836 and 1996.

Right after the tour, the choristers walked along the designer-shops area and admired the new concept of elegance presented in our times. Later they took the ferry boat and crossed on the other side where they visited Santa Maria della Salute, the Accademia Bridge and an artesian mask shop Camacana.

In the evening, the choir had its last concert at Santa Maria della Pieta’ Church known also as Vivaldi’s Church. It was built close to the orphanage where Vivaldi used to give service and train the girls for the choir.

The concert was well attended and the congregation was moved by the selection of pieces. In fact at the end they asked for a bis of Chilcott’s ‘Even such is time’. The other pieces interpreted during this concert included: ‘Exultate Justi’ (Viadana), ‘If ye love me’ (Tallis), ‘Super Flumina’ and ‘Sicut Cervus’ (Palestrina), ‘Psallite’ (Praetorius), ‘Ave Maria’ (Arcadelt), ‘Terra Tremuit’ (Bryd), ‘Nadurawk ja Ħobż tas-Sema’ and ‘Tina l-Ħlewwa’ (Caruana), ‘O Sacrum Convivium’ (Bartolucci) and ‘Salmo 150’ (Aguilar).

The evening ended with dinner at Rosso Pomodoro Restaurant.

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