Tour to Italy

Rome and Assisi

10th to 17th September 2008

The whole day of Saturday was dedicated for cultural visits since no musical appointments were programmed. After breakfast, the group visited the Basilica of St. John the Lateran or better the Cathedral of Rome. On entering the Basilica, there could be seen the large stage with light effects being prepared for the evening concert of MTV Music. After the visit at the Cathedral, they crossed the street and visited the Scala Santa which according to tradition, it was the staircase of Pilate's house in Jerusalem. The faithful walk upstairs on the knees while praying God's for Divine mercy or for thanksgiving. On the first floor there is a collection of relics provided from the Terra Santa. At around 10am, the choristers were queuing near the Vatican site for a visit in the Musei Vaticani. Each and every member remained aghast with all the wonders found inside. Ancient and modern material is beautifully presented and make one go back in time of the Egyptians, the Romans, the Popes of all times, when modern facilities lacked and the human mind together with his hands sculpted, engraved or painted. However, maybe the most unforgettable visit was at the Sistine Chapel, admiring Michelangelo's great work. It is a world heritage of which we should all be proud and keen to keep well preserved for the generations to come. Inside the Museum, the group spent more than four memorable hours. After that, they went for lunch and for some shopping. However, next in line was a stop at Giolitti for an exquisite ice cream. In the evening, the group went for dinner in another famous restaurant of the Capital. They invited the composer Pierfranco Cucchiarelli and his wife Emira Dervinyte. Mro. Cucchiarelli had studied under Mro. Domenico Bartolucci and his wife Emira is a renowned soprano who frequently leaves her home for her opera and concert appointments in various countries. Stefan Attard presented the Cd ‘Jubilate' to the Mro. Cucchiarelli who in turn presented some of his compositions. Before calling it a day, the group had a cup of coffee from a cafeteria in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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