Tour to France


3rd to 9th November 2003
Friday 7th November - Rehearsals for the Gala Concert

Like every morning, the Choir had rehearsals after breakfast. It was a rainy day and after lunch, the Choristers were taken for a ride. In the evening, they had rehearsals at the Municipio Theatre for the Gala Concert of Saturday. There were all the musicians who came from the Conservatories of: Santa Cecilia in Rome, Luigi Cherubini of Florence, from Algiers, Egypt, Morocco and Greece. Other groups arrived from the University of Arts from Tunes, from the School of Music ‘Juan Pedre Carrero' of Spain and the Opera Singers of Cairo. Schola Cantorum Jubilate had to sing the Choir parts of the song ‘He un'isula', a Corsican song written by Ghjacumu Fusina and composed by B. Ruffo. The solo parts were interpreted by a Soprano from the Conservatorio di Santa Cecila, the Tenor was from the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini of Florence and the Alto and Bass were from Spain. The rehearsals were conducted by the Gozitan Maestro Colin Attard. Mro. Attard was called for the third consecutive year to conduct the 100-musician orchestra and choir.

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