Apart from being the actual choir leader, Stefan Attard is also the choir's founder. Since his childhood days, he has always shown great interest in choral music and this was clearly seen during his playtime. On reaching school age, he started attending the school of music in Gozo, where he studied music theory. His major interest is in sacred music, especially from the medieval and renaissance era. In fact one of his favorite composers remains Palestrina followed by Bartolucci who is proclaimed as ‘the second Palestrina.

Later on, after establishing the Schola Cantroum Jubilate, he started taking lessons in vocal technique at the Johann Strauss School of Music in Valletta under the tuition of Ms. Clare Massa, herself an established mezzo-soprano.

Stefan is a dynamic person with whom you can work easily. He was born a leader and faces this role with commitment, assertiveness and above all responsibility. He reads a lot about choral techniques and management. He is open for new experiences and ventures easily in new horizons which surely add credit in his leadership skills.

Perhaps the progress of the choir, seen in these twelve years is thanks to his continuous work. His creative and artistic mind is shown in the presentation of the choir's concerts, events and printed material issued each time the choir performs. He keeps up to date with new technologies and design.

Stefan's perception of his choir is to grow up together professionally, to give a musical education to members and listeners, to present the real church music in our liturgy and above all, to live this experience as a family… the family of Schola Cantorum Jubilate.

Currently Stefan Attard works as an educator at the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary in Gozo.

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