Most of today's choir members know the establishment of this choir. They grew up together and remained in the choir because it became part of their life. They grew up professionally since they are given continuous musical education of which they are fond and do their best to instil the same sense of collegiality with the new members.

They come from different sectors in the society. Some are educators, accountants, engineers, lawyers and some are still university/post/secondary students. Their ages range from 12-36. However there exists a special bond between each member and this contributes in their professional growth.

They are tied with the same interest…music; which requests their 3 week-end meetings for rehearsals, mass or else for Master classes. They are all interested in venturing new horizons in music, even broadening their experiences abroad.

However their encounters are not limited to music. They find time for new adventures together which are surely beneficial for their on-going familiarity.

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