Monday, 22 April 2013

Being a chorister: The Joy!

by Josette Sultana

Choir Members“Life is worth living.” “The beauty of life.” Music is incorporated well in our daily lives as we listen to music almost all the time, usually even unknowingly. It is all underlined through the fact that this could be considered to be a language which is understood by everyone. Music is the answer to all the questions we have popping up in our minds. It heals the soul and can change one’s mood in a matter of seconds. Everyone has their own perceptions about music but finding people who do not like listening to music is close to impossible. This makes us come to think of the people who are directly related to music and who produce music themselves. One cannot explain the feelings a composer goes through while they are composing and producing music of their own. Yet again, this brings to mind those who are then working directly or indirectly with musical pieces.

Playing a musical instrument as well as singing is a passion. Showing love to music brings about the showing of love and respect towards humanity and the environment around us. Feelings expressed through the art of singing are beyond definition. Being within a choir entails some hard work. Yet, it is all due to ambition and the passion towards music which keeps choristers going and going strong. All this, in turn, brings about fulfilment. There is something which keeps choristers on the edge and very eager to attend to musical and vocal skills’ lessons. The answer to this is not yet explored. It might as well be ‘music’.

It is true that being a chorister is demanding and asks for commitment. But all this is kept to the side when keeping in mind the satisfaction earned whilst singing. Choristers also end up in showing great sense of pride towards the choir they form part in. This helps a chorister to build up and work on the skill of socialisation and being able to work well within a group. The blending in of unique voices by the different choristers helps to create an overwhelming atmosphere. This can be felt by the choristers themselves whilst they are rehearsing as well as when they are giving a concert. The peaceful atmosphere is all at once transmitted and attracts the audience in the same way a magnet attracts a piece of iron.

Being a chorister does not only entail singing and being able to read music. Forces should be joined and a lot of hard work lies behind the choir and all the activities which run from time to time. Being in today’s hectic life, some people would not be aware of the financial, as well as other, difficulties which crop up and the choir has to face. Yet, the choristers are always full to the brim with energy which makes the choir dynamic. Consequently, Schola Cantorum Jubilate is always up for challenges and is always on the go from one event to an even more prestigious one.

Being rich is not about being in possession of a lot of valuable things. It is not the material things which keep us happy in life, but the deep inner characteristics an individual possess. Self- discipline and being able to work well within a team are two of the most essential skills a person should aim to reach in life. Both skills, to mention but a few, help to enrich a person’s character and are well-acquired by choristers.

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