Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Vigil at Ta’ Pinu

by Stanley J. Portelli

04Schola Cantorum Jubilate ended its service of this Holy Triduum at the National Shrine of Ta' Pinu, with the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil.

This is the most solemn night in the Catholic liturgical calendar. The Mass begins in silence. The benediction of fire, the lighting of the Paschal Candle and the proclamation of the 'Exultet', are followed by the reading of the seven lessons from scriptures. Cantor Stanley J. Portelli sang the 'Exultet' while choristers Stefan Attard, Diana Formosa, Marvic Cini, Bernadine Attard and Joseph Bartolo sang and led the congregation during the psalms.

During the liturgy of the word the church recalls the history of Salvation, from creation, through the Jewish Passover, to the glorious resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. From then onwards, the liturgy of the mass proceeded as usual.

The choir performed Oltrasi's 'Missa Cantate Domino'. During the offertory the choir performed 'Vidi l'aqua' and during communion 'L-Ikel tal-Ħajja' (Holst) and 'Io Sono Risorto' (Liberto). The choir accompanied the priests in the chapel of Our Lady for the 'Regina Cœli' in plain chant. Finally, the congregation left the shrine with the organist playing joyfully announcing the resurrection of Christ.

The choir was under the direction of Mark Gauci and Jean Noel Attard accompanied on the organ. The whole ceremony was live-broadcasted on TVM2.

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