Dark Side Over GozoSchola Cantorum Jubilate was invited to join the Gozo Youth Orchestra and Cash & Band for a Rock Orchestral Concert entitiled ‘Dark side over Gozo’. This concert, a tribute to the music of Pink Floyd was held on Saturday 18th March at Aurora Theatre and was under the direction of Joseph Grech.

The choir was entrusted with the chorus part of ‘Another brick in the wall’, Cohen’s ‘Alleluia’ and the jubilant ‘Ode of Joy’ of the great master Ludwig van Beethoven.

The Theatre was packed with an audience of different ages with each attendee having a particular association with the Pink Floyd music. Many sang along the pieces or were seen waving their hands or applauding after a guitar solo.

This was a different experience for SCJ choristers who are usually more inclined towards classical music. However it was undoubtedly an opportunity to appreciate the various genres of music and above all collaborate with different musicians towards one aim... that of producing music!

Music is indeed a universal language for all generations!

Side Over Gozo Side Over Gozo Side Over Gozo Side Over Gozo


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