easter sundayThe Church today, festively announces the resurrection of Christ! Church bells together with beautifully floral settings contribute in enriching today’s solemnity. SCJ animate the 11am mass at the Basilica of Xagħra. It was officiated by Mgr. Carmelo Refalo, Archpriest.

During this mass, the rite of baptism was administer to baby Leah Xerri. The choir was under the direction of Marouska Attard and accompanied by Joseph Camilleri on the organ.



Haec Dies D. Zelenka
Psalm P. Portelli
Alleluia + Verset Pascha Nostrum adt P. Portelli
Vidi Aquam M. Frisina
Terra Tremuit W. Byrd
Sanctus P. Portelli
Agnus Dei A. Ceasar
Io Sono Risorto G. Liberto
Ir-Rgħaj u s-Sid Tiegħi D.Grant
Regina Coeli Plainchant

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