he Reverend Chapter and Clergy of the Basilica of Marija Bambina invited Schola Cantorum Jubilate to animate the High Mass as thanksgiving for the ‘novena' and in remembrance of the two great sieges of Malta . This solemn mass was officiated by Mgr. Giovanni Bosco Gauci, Vicar General of the Diocese and started at 8.30am after the Collegiate Chapter's morning prayers. The choir performed the ‘Missa de Angelis' by Terenzio Zardini. The seminarian Daniel Sultana led the congregation during the Gregorian parts. The hymn of the introit was ‘Tfajla helwa tal-Vitorja' which was written specifically for the Schola and for the Feast of Marija Bambina. Its lyrics were written by Gianninu Cremona and was set to music by the choir's resident composer Paul Portelli. 

The other pieces include: the psalm: ‘Is-Setghani ghamel mieghi hwejjeg kbar' (Portelli), ‘Allelulia' with versetto (Portelli), ‘Amen', ‘Pater Noster' (Gregorian) and ‘Magnificat' (Portelli). During the offerings, Marouska Attard and Ann Marie Sciberras interpreted a duet ‘Venite Omnes'. Ms. Sciberras sang with the choir till the day she emigrated to Australia . Since she is in Malta for her holidays, she was invited to join the choir and perform during this High Mass which ended with the singing of the ‘Te Deum' (D'Amato). Joseph Camilleri accompanied the choir on the Viscount Church organ. Present for this celebration were various prominent people amongst which the Hon. Mr. Speaker Louis Galea, the Hon. Giovanna Debono Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Dr. Chris Said, the Hon. Justyne Caruana, Mr. Joe Cordina Mayor of Xaghra, the Councillors of the Xaghra Local Council, various Knights of the Order of St. John and other persons on behalf of their respective social or religious groups from Xaghra.

Right after the mass, a commemoration ceremony was held in Victory Square . Apart from the speeches and re-enactment of the cessation of the Second World War, wreaths were put underneath a commemorative monument. Silvianne Buttigieg (soprano) and Marvic Cini (tenor) represented Schola Cantorum Jubilate.



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