Wednesday, 07 July 2021

Voice your song Sing our Voice

by Stefan Attard

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THE SCJ CHILDREN’S CHOIR has been established in 2017. It aims at giving the possibility to children to improve their singing ability through a good singing technique and to develop their musicianship while exploring new and exciting repertoire. This evolving choir is led by our vibrant choral conductor Ms. Marouska Attard. Every child at SCJCC will develop a strong sense of commitment and responsibility, learn how to work collectively in a group, develop personal growth and confidence but above all, experience the fulfilment that comes from excellent singing.

Why join a children’s choir?

Today, like never before, we came to realize how TOGHETHERNESS became so important to our existence. A choir is the place where children come together for a purpose - regardless the differences or abilities. A choir is where children meet, make friends but above all it is the place where they work together for a common goal – that of creating beauty through singing.

Who can apply?

Children from 6 to 15 years of age who has a passion for singing.

For more information, get in touch with us by sending an email on or call us on 79450940.

Download your application from here.


Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Greetings for Easter during the pandemic

by Stefan Attard

Friday, 01 January 2021

Watch Song Reborn

by Stefan Attard

You can also watch the video about on YouTube.

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Song Reborn: Drive In Virtual Concert

by Daniela Grech Sultana

We’re still on a high from weeks of hard work and extremely long hours, coordinating over 90 members of the Song Reborn team and delivering 14 concerts over 7 days in December, all while adhering to COVID-19 social distancing and safety measures.

It was a momentous feat, but we can’t be any prouder of Song Reborn, SCJ’s drive-in, virtual concert, and a first for Malta and Gozo. A total of 430 cars carrying 1403 passengers experienced the concert, along with over 10,000 others who viewed the concert online on New Year’s Day and in the days immediately after.

The idea behind Song Reborn was to reflect on what has been and offer hope for what is to come by evoking the beauty and power of music to help lighten life’s burdens. Through the latest sound and light technology, including 3D mapping and a powerful repertoire, we hoped to draw into the community experience, but also the self-evaluation generated by the pandemic and our rebirth as we adapted to this new reality.

And - based on the feedback we received after every show (all of which we’re extremely appreciative of) - it appears that this goal was achieved. Here are a few of your lovely comments:

“CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU & YOUR GREAT TEAM. It was a wonderful evening, showing the tremendous thought, determination, and brilliant technology that contributed to achieve such a lovely and original performance. The hour flew by… we were in awe throughout. Your organization was brilliant too. Thanks again and well done to everyone involved. A very special evening.”

“We are amazed! Both of us were overwhelmed with beauty. It’s a miracle what you managed to create. I am afraid even to think how much work it required! The arrangements are fantastic! Honestly, I was a bit tired of the same Christmas carols from one year to another. And this unique concert of yours… it was completely fresh air! I enjoyed every chord, every note! The projections are magnificent! Keep up your great work, you are making this world a better place to be in!”

“Song Reborn was beyond my expectations, at one point tears of happiness were falling, I was overwhelmed with beauty. We transmitted a bit to our parents in Lithuania, they were amazed, too. You created magic, I am so happy we got a chance to see it live. Bravo!”

As Schola Cantorum Jubilate, we started 2020 hopeful of our many planned initiatives to mark our 20th anniversary. No one could foresee a global crisis: the merciless pandemic brought everything to a halt. We experienced a mixed bag of emotions – choral music was hit hard and all plans of live, intimate concerts had to be abandoned. Instead of bringing rich music to eager audiences the way we knew how, we had to seriously think out of the box. It was a time of silence, but one out of which many benefits were reaped: both in terms of our rebranding and in creating Song Reborn. In the words of our Choir Director, Marouska Attard, “we continued singing through the storm”.

This success could not have been possible without the support of many, including the Ministry for Gozo and local authorities who believed in the concert’s innovativeness and collaborated with us from the very beginning, the contractors and attendants who helped with the logistics, our choirs and their families, the actors, and the production team whose professionalism ensured Song Reborn is impeccably and safely delivered. Thank you!

The Italians say “canta che ti passa”, because when one sings, pain is relieved. We’re extremely grateful and humbled to have been able to lift the spirits of many during this unique Christmas season, and look forward to many more splendid initiatives in the future.

Watch Song Reborn here

Saturday, 19 December 2020

The story behind Song Reborn

by Stefan Attard

Artistic Director and Choir Leader Stefan Attard shares the story behind the islands' first virtual concert.

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