Ecce-Homo-Concert2Ecce Homo marked Schola Cantorum Jubilate’s first concert of the year. This Lenten concert was intended to emphasise humanity particularly in present situations where it is threatened. This was especially brought forth with the repertoire sung, reflections read and the name itself… Ecce Homo meaning ‘Behold the Man’.

The concert started of with the male section of the choir reciting ‘Attende Domine’, a Gregorian chant with text written all the way back in the 10th century. The text depicts man invoking forgiveness for his sins. The piece was sung in the chapel of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu. Right after this piece, all choristers walked towards the main altar from where most of the pieces were interpreted. However, the choir made use of different spaces inside the sanctuary in order to provide a completely new depth to the music.

After another successful edition of ‘Carol by Candlelight’, ‘Sing Noël’ extended the choir’s singing to more people. This concert was a celebration of some of the greatest works of musical composition as well as some other less popular works. It was produced by the Xagħra Local Council.